During half term, I was invited to a crab cracking workshop. Sally of Sally’s Fish Camp arrived at my friend Helen’s house and four of us got cracking – excuse the pun! Like any good guest, I brought a bottle of wine to the workshop. There was a cracked crab, salmon, avocado and green salad and bread for us to eat as we worked. As it was a lunchtime event, I needed to select a light wine with an alcohol volume of around 12% and where the acidity was balanced with some fruit. I chose Greco Benevetano, a Tesco Finest white wine. The grape is the lesser known Greco grape grown in Campania in Southern Italy and when in the glass it was a rich golden colour which reminded everyone of summer. On the nose it was fresh and inviting with aromas of pineapple and pear, not the aromas stated on the bottle, but the subjectivity in wine tasting is one of the many things I love about wine. On the palate it was soft and rounded, slight citrus with the pear and pineapple on the nose coming through on the palate. Vanilla on the length came from the lees which were left in the fermentation tank with the wine and this complimented the creaminess of the avocado in the salad. It was very easy drinking with good company, delicious and paired well with both the dark and light meat of the crab. When the Greco bottle was empty Helen brought out a bottle of 11.5% Exquisite Clare Valley Riesling from Australia. On the nose was citrus and this was carried through in the taste. When first in the glass it was quite aromatic, but this dissipated fairly quickly so this is not a wine to save for the next day. The lively acidity cut through the oil of the dark meat and the very slight sweetness paired well with the weight of the darker meat too. There were mango and pink grapefruit in the salad and this Riesling picked up the grapefruit which heightened the subtle grapefruit in the wine.

I took home my dressed crab and intended to pair it with crab linguine within the next few days. The crab linguine was delicious, however the Albariño Martín Códax 2016 Rías Baixas which I purchased for £13.49 was disappointing. When the season for dressed crab comes around or if I happen to come across a crab which needs cracking, I will find a delicious wine to match fresh crab linguine.

Crab Linguine

Greco Benevetano, a Tesco Finest -£9

Exquisite Clare Valley Riesling from Australia from Aldi -£6.99

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