Until 2016, I did not drink Sauvignon Blanc unless it was from Burgundy, either the regions of Sancerre or Pouilly-Fumé in France’s Loire Valley. I preferred the dry subtle flavours and high acidity and their resemblance to lime which paired so well with mackerel or goats’ cheese. There was also the mineral finish which was a stark contrast to the shocking and bracing acidity of the first taste. The Sauvignon blanc grape, when grown in New Zealand is very different to the French version. These wines are vibrant, full of character and pack a punch on the palate. They do have high acidity, but the hit of the acidity disperses quickly as the palate is flooded with flavours. I have found them to be extremely refreshing and easy drinking, they don’t necessarily need food and they represent excellent value for money. The Sauvignon Blanc I am recommending is called Tukituki from Marlborough, New Zealand. In the glass it was very light in colour with the pith of grapefruit on the nose. On the palate this young wine was tropical with pineapple, some kiwi and unusually, orange was detectable too. At 12.5% alcohol volume it was very light and fruity. It was more floral than a Sauvignon Blanc from Burgundy and the very slight sweetness in the wine meant that it matched with a lot of different foods. I drank it with grilled salmon, stir- fried green peppers, cous-cous and salad. On a different evening, with house special fried rice from my local Chinese takeaway and on another occasion vegetable pizza. The acidity cut through any grease in the food like a hot knife through butter. It was also enjoyed as an easy drinking wine after work. I did not buy the original bottle of Tukituki, it was a gift from a friend and I guessed the price as around £10 but I was wrong- it was much cheaper. I was surprised at the price because this is a classy wine. The original bottle was purchased at Morrisons in West Yorkshire, but I purchased it at Asda, Bournemouth for £6.98 as it is not stocked in the South’s branches of Morrisons.

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