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It is ironic that a low alcohol wine should be made by a doctor! To be honest, I didn’t realise that it was only 8% alcohol volume until after I had been to the supermarket, but I thought that this would be an education for me as I have never purchased low alcohol wine in the past. Made from 100% Riesling grapes, this wine was from Mosel-Saar-Ruwer region in southwest Germany, . The supermarket labelling on the shelf stated it would match crab, which I found strange as I would pair crab with a crisp, dry white wine with some acidity such Chablis or Sauvignon blanc or if I was pairing crab with Riesling it would be trocken, which is a dry Riesling. I would not pair crab with a wine that is described on the supermarket label as having ‘Zingy lime and honeyed fruit flavours’’. However, this is what makes wine so dynamic and interesting. One person’s passion is another person’s poison.

The Riesling was a beautiful colour and had a fresh, fruity nose. On the palate it was honey which became too cloying very quickly. I couldn’t detect acidity in the wine. However, I am a glass half full type of person so was optimistic that when it met the food it would come into its own.

I matched Dr Loosen’s 2016 Riesling with lamb rogan josh and okra and mushroom curry served with long grain rice and a griddled bread wrap. The wine matched the okra and mushroom curry really well and if you like sweet wine then this is an excellent pairing. However, with the lamb rogan josh it was about as bad a match as you can achieve. There was nothing in the wine to stand up to the meat. The curry was mild, so it wasn’t the spice that was causing the problem, it was the protein in the meat.

Despite me not being keen on the wine, I decided to try and find another food pairing. I hadn’t picked up any acidity in the wine or lime flavour so the next evening, I paired it with a lime infused marinated pan-fried mackerel, new potatoes, without any butter and frozen, boiled mixed vegetables. This was also a terrible match! Technically there was nothing wrong with the wine but for me it was like sweet grape juice.

I purchased Dr Loosen’s 2016 Riesling  from Sainsbury’s and Paid £7.

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