Fiano is a grape grown in Salento in the Campania region of Southern Italy on the west coast. It is not grown as ferociously as the Trebbiano grape in Italy because the Fiano grape has a lower yield of juice and a thick skin so is not as profitable. Until now, I have never found a Fiano which isn’t bone dry but this one is wonderful.  I purchased it as an easy drinking wine for when I come home from work and just want a glass of wine before dinner. It had a lovely fresh, light lemon juice colour and on the nose, it was floral. On the palate, it tasted at first like a Sauvignon blanc. Floral with grapefruit, light bodied but strong flavours, a little tropical and fresh. I was expecting high acidity but it was moderate with pleasing roundness. It was delicious on its own but it was after 8pm on Friday night and I needed some food. I prepared a fresh pizza by adding some mushrooms, Manchego cheese and goats cheese to a shop bought Pizza. I served the pizza with a Fresh salad dressed in olive oil from Sardinia and balsamic vinegar. The Fiano 2016 was amazing with the salad picking up and heightening the flavours of the olive oil and balsamic vinegar and was a perfect match with the pizza with extra cheeses.

The next day, my husband made homemade Lamb Rogan Josh and Chickpea and coconut curries. The Fiano had kept beautifully in the fridge and served as an excellent aperitif and I continued to drink it with the curries. Considering the wine was young, 2016, and did not have any spice in it, it stood up well to the spices in the curries. The honey in the wine picked up the sweetness of the Peshwari Naan bread and coped with Bombay potato both bought from the local takeaway. After the meal the Fiano was still delicious.

I can’t wait to buy this versatile wine again. I purchased it at Majestic Wine in Poole, Dorset and it cost £7.99 in a mix 6 or £9.99 on its own. Click here to buy this wine!

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