Santa Ana Classic Malbec 2015 from Argentina

This is a Malbec that I love but I haven’t shared with you until now.  It is a delicious wine and is amazing value for money at a mix 6 price of £7.99 from Majestic. The 2017 vintage, which I haven’t tried yet, is £5.99.

This 2015 Santa Ana Malbec is a velvet ruby colour with a black fruit nose that is very appealing and will make you salivate. No harsh chemicals on the nose due to the wine being decanted and being able to breath for 30 minutes. The taste is round and smooth. It is juicy and fat with lots of black cherry and very ripe raspberries.  On the palate, without food, it is 1970/80s cherry drop sweets, really palatable. However, with food the sweetness dissolves into a roundness with some vanilla, which is totally satisfying. It is a medium bodied, 13% red wine with no harsh edges. The tannin in the wine is not so much that it is drying on the palate but there is enough tannin to stand up to the fat in the steak. The cherry really comes through with the food and even when I added some English mustard the wine did not spoil. I was expecting some acidity but the acidity is very low.

After the meal the tannin began to dry my palate, but this is to be expected.

I purchased Santa Ana Classic Malbec 2015 from Argentina from Majestic Wine in Poole. Dorset. I hope they have some more 2015 as this has been in my wine rack for 9 months or so but if not, I will be buying whatever vintage they have, just to compare and I hope it will be good. Click here to buy this wine!

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