Verdejo 2016

There is nothing quite as nice, when you are on holiday, as sharing a bottle of wine at lunchtime on a beautiful sunny day with a light lunch that has taken a few minutes to prepare. As I am in Lanzarote, my focus has been on Spanish grape varieties. The vast majority of wine production in Lanzarote is dedicated to the Malvasia grape to which I have given my attention in past years, but this year my focus is Verdejo. Wine in the supermarket is very cheap in Lanzarote and the Verdejo 2016 cost only €6.10. I did try a cheaper version; Rueda Garci Grande Verdejo 2016 which was good but the simply named Verdejo 2016, produced using 100% Verdejo grapes was a cut above. The cheaper version smelt like it was blended with Cabernet Sauvignon but there was no clue on the label.

As I drew the cork from the bottle of Verdejo 2016 bubbles appeared and in the glass, there was a playful effervescence. The colour was straw with a dazzling green tinge and the viscosity of 13.5% alcohol volume was revealed as it clung to the side of the glass seductively.  On the nose were pear drops and lemon and on the palate, was a very pleasing lemon with cream. It was as fresh and crisp as a white linen sheet. I was expecting the wine to have high acidity but instead it was rounded and smooth. The length was excellent with the cream going on and on. I paired the Verdejo with canned mackerel in sunflower oil. The most perfect match, especially when mopping up the oil with fresh, crusty bread which collected small pieces of fish from the can.

Purchased from Spar in Puerto Del Carmen, Lanzarote €6.10. I will be looking for this grape when I return to the UK.

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