L’Artigianale, Lugana 2014 with Scallops, Prawns, Clams and Ginger Butter

I purchased L’Artigianale, Lugana 2014 from the Elcitera vineyard in Peschiera del Garda, North East Italy on the southern coast of Lake Garda in August 2016. This is currently my favourite wine region, Veneto, although I am visiting Sardinia this summer so that could change. I had a private vineyard tour led by the granddaughter, third generation, of the founder of the vineyard. At the vineyard, my husband and I were left to sit among the vines with a bottle of L’Artigianale to share. A wooden crate had a tablecloth draped over it and prawns, melon and bread sticks had been prepared for us. It was bliss.

Before writing this post, I had planned a wine and food pairing with a wine from France, but the match did not work. Knowing the flavour and character of wine from Lugana, I knew that this wine would match perfectly with the food and I wasn’t disappointed. Uncorking this wine was nostalgic and exciting as I anticipated whether it had deteriorated or whether it would be as fresh and exciting as when I shared a bottle last summer while sitting on an old leather sofa among the vines on a beautiful sunny day. Lugana wine is best drunk young and it had been on my wine rack since last August. I am pleased to say that it was even better than I remembered.

The colour was light gold, bright and vibrant. There was fresh white fruit on the nose and an association with the beauty and smells of the vineyard, but I expect that was the brain playing tricks on me. It was gentle on the palate, unexpectedly smooth with low acidity and honeydew melon was a strong flavour. The wine was light and uncomplicated. Made from 100% Trebbiano grapes heavy food would overpower it. It would be perfect as an aperitif or just with friends.

I served L’Artigianale 2014 with seared scallops which were mixed with fresh prawns and clams. The shellfish was brought together in a hot wok with a sauce made from garlic, ginger, spring onions and good white wine. It was served with boiled Thai fragment rice and garden peas. The dish was heavy on the ginger and this beautiful Italian wine matched with the ginger superbly. The flavours in the food did not overpower this delicate wine.

If you want to replicate this wonderful wine and food match try Lugana Zenata Villa Flora from Waitrose. it was gorgeous.

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