It is Tuesday and I am on holiday from work. It has been a lovely sunny day, I have caught up with friends, done some gardening,  done some school work, had my hair cut, walked the dog for well over an hour, watched Jo Konta lose a tennis match at Roland Garros and enjoyed Andy Murray win. To round off the day, I fancied an easy drinking red wine. I had no intention of writing for my wine blog tonight, I just wanted to enjoy my wine and relax. On my wine rack was a Romanian Pinot Noir, ‘Incanta’. At £6.49 mixed six price this is a very inexpensive wine and one I hadn’t tried before tonight.  I decided to open it. I wasn’t intending to pair the Pinot Noir with food but after tasting it I wanted to share it with you and match it with some food. The colour of the wine was bright with a purple hue and clear rim, as you would expect from a very young wine. The nose was sweet and fruity with a  hint of fresh vanilla  pod. Freshly crushed raspberries and sour cherries made my mouth water in anticipation. The first taste was sweet, like the fruit drink Cherry aid but then came a more intense red fruit, sour cherries, liquorice and vanilla, leading me to believe that this young wine has spent some time in oak. It was extremely vibrant and refreshing and with an alcohol volume of 12.5% it is not too heavy to drink mid-week. After a couple of glasses without food the tannin became drying so it was time to add food. I thought that the low acidity and fruit sweetness would be a good match for Chilli Con Carne and I was right!  The ingredients in the food were minced beef, onions, garlic, good quality red wine, chicken stock, 2 tins of tomatoes, kidney beans, ground cumin, ground coriander and chilli powder to taste. The chilli should be no more than medium hot. The Chilli Con carne was served with Basmati rice. The wine stood up to the spice well with amazing red currant and cherry flavour with old fashion Cherry Drops taking centre stage. The heat of the food was cooled by the wine with a burst of red fruit. The raspberry left temporarily but it did not lose its fruit driven character and if anything, the Vanilla came through even stronger after the spice kick. In wine circles Shiraz/ Syrah is the red which is often paired with spice, but this Romanian Pinot Noir is a very good alternative. This is a red that I will try chilled too.

28 August 2017- I have paired this delicious wine, same vintage, with spaghetti bolognese. A simple yet brilliant pairing.

30 August 2017- I paired this wine with Chinese pork roasted in 5 spice, red bean curd, soy sauce hoisin sauce and honey. Absolutely delicious.

Incanta 2016, Romanian red is a lovely, easy drinking wine with an unbelievable price tag of £7.99 or mixed 6 price £6.49 from Majestic Wine in Poole. Click here to buy this wine!

Update 23.03.19  I purchased Incanta 2018 today and the mixed 6 price is now even cheaper at £5.99.  I drank the wine with roast pork, crackling, roast potatoes and roast parsnips, gravy, Swede and carrot mash and broccoli and cauliflower. Incanta was brilliant. This is such a versatile wine. It is quite sweet so if you like a dry red this is not the wine for you.

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