Albariño Rias Baixas 2015

Albariño is a grape I associate with easy, relaxed drinkng. In my experience people tend to buy Pinot Grigio as a non- food wine but I think that you get more flavours and style for your money with Albariño than you do from Pinot Grigio.  In my opinion, Albariño holds its own with food better than a Pinot Grigio for the same price. I would usually drink Albariño without food, opening a bottle with friends and enjoying it with crisps, nuts or bread sticks and dips such as humus or a sweet salsa.  As I was not at work today, I decided to have some wine with my lunch and chose Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Albariño. I served it ice cold from the fridge. The colour of the wine is light gold with an appealing green tinge. On the nose is lemon zest and on the palate there is some lime and a touch of guava melon with the pith of grapefruit coming through on the very satisfying length. It has high acidity and is crisp and refreshing, perfect for a lunch time treat. I paired Albariño Rias Baixas 2015 with a light lunch on a sunny, spring day. I cooked a Waitrose frozen spinach and goats cheese slice in crispy flaky pastry and prepared a fresh salad. The salad was dressed in the most gorgeous olive oil, which I brought back from Lake Garda last summer. The wine matched the sweet Vittoria cherry tomatoes beautifully. It was also very agreeable with basil, red pepper and cucumber. It matched nicely with red lettuce but not as well with the bitter light green lettuce that you get in the ready to eat Cosmopolitan salad. If you prepare a fresh salad to eat with this wine leave out light green lettuce. I did not include beetroot in my salad but tasted some with the wine, for research purposes! It was horrible. This wine will not match with pickled food. The wine paired very well with the goat’s cheese tart. The tart was cooked from frozen and I think that because of this, the acidity usually associated with goat’s cheese was diminished. However, the acid and lemon in the wine was enough to bring out the brightness of the cheese. The spinach was very tasty and did not spoil the wine. It’s all about the wine, of course!

I would recommend this Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Albariño, which I purchased at Sainsbury’s for £8.

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