Thai Curry and Pinot Gris

Mud House Pinot Gris 2015, Nelson

I have bought this wine on several occasions and have usually paired it successfully with chicken breast marinated in  olive oil, half inch of grated ginger, garlic and a squeeze of fresh lemon. However, the tasting notes from Majestic Wine stated that it was a perfect match for all dishes with Asian flavours so I decided to give it a try. I paired it with mild and aromatic Thai red curry and jasmine rice. Firstly, let me describe this lovely wine from New Zealand. The colour was light, shimmering gold, like the colour of the inside of a honey dew melon.  The nose was fragrant and promised much. It was subtle honey and aniseed, like old fashioned cough candy. On the palate, it was cooked pear, soft and gentle and then a moment later it revealed tropical fruit on the outside edges of the tongue. The taste was weighty and made me anticipate food. The wine paired well with the coconut and the prawns but not the spice. With the food, the wine lost its flavour very quickly because the flavours in the food overpowered it. Basically, the mild spices in the dish were too much for the wine.  So, although this is a lovely wine it doesn’t match well with red Thai curry, an Asian dish.

Purchased from Majestic. I paid £7.99 mix 6 price but it is now £6.29.

Update 05.01.18: This wine is no longer available and I have not been able to source the 2016 vintage – yet.

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