Gavi wine is made from the cortese grape grown in the Piemonte region of North West Italy. The wines of Gavi are crisp and floral and the ones I prefer have overtones of peach and are a little aromatic. Gavi is best enjoyed young but it can be a hit and miss affair. It needs to be paired well with food otherwise the acidity is over powering and not at all enjoyable.  I did not intend to review my favourite Gavi (La Toledana) because it is from Majestic and I am trying to find good food wines from other places so last week, I purchased Broglia Gavi di Gavi 2015 from Waitrose. It was in their fine wine section reduced until 22 February 2017 to £9.99 from £14.99. Coincidently today, Saturday Kitchen on BBC1 chose the Broglia Gavi di Gavi to match with baked potato gnocchi, a dark green Italian cabbage -cavolo nero and pumpkin. I couldn’t have disagreed more with the description of the wine from the wine expert today. I found it to be clean, crisp and dry as did he, but I didn’t find it at all rounded and succulent. The first mouthful was fresh and lemony but after that, even with food it was acidic. I tried it with avocado then with spinach and ricotta cheese cannelloni. I also tried it with grilled salmon. Each mouthful of this wine was less satisfying than the first.  The Toledana however is gentle and smooth. It is peach, pear and honey. A perfect aperitif or an accompaniment to light food such as bread with olive oil, fish, chicken breast and salad. This is a wine for simple flavours. The chicken or the fish were not cooked in anything other than olive oil, lemon and seasoning.  £9.99 Majestic Wine, Poole. Click here to buy this wine!

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