Ribella Gialla from Slovenia is a dry white wine for strong flavoured food made from the grape Ribolla which was originally grown in Italy. When grown in Slovenia it is known as  Rebula. As an aperitif, it wasn’t very appealing, even though it had a slight fizz in the glass. I drank it with fried sea bass, onion bhaji and salad. Later in the week, I had it with deep fried scampi and homemade chips. Nothing fancy at all. It stood up to all the fried foods and the spice of the bhaji brilliantly. It remained dry and the acidity of the wine cut through the oil in the fish, the oil in the chips and the spices in the onion bhaji. The fizz went well with the salad, it was really refreshing. I didn’t get any of the flavours that the label describes such as yellow peppers, green apples and elderflower, but I did get slight peach on the nose. I really enjoyed the wine and will buy another bottle. I thought it needed to be aged for longer for the nose and flavours to develop. I bought it from Majestic wine in Poole and paid £6.99. An absolute bargain. Click here to buy this wine!

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