Lugana white wine is from the North East of Italy, the Veneto region of wine production. I got to know lugana white wine well when I visited the vineyard ‘Elcitera‘ in Peschiera del Garda in August 2016. The Lugana wine I am recommending is from Waitrose and is called  Lugana Zenata Villa Flora.  It is made from 100% trebbiano grapes and costs £9.99 a bottle. It is worth every penny.  It spends its short life in stainless steel vats and there is no oak involved in the process at all. As a result of this, the taste is clean and crisp with a good length.  On the palate, Lugana was dry but there was a surprising overtone of tinned peaches at the end of the glass.  When I first tasted this wine, I was convinced that it would only match well with prawns, melon and salad and foods with little flavour, or that it should be drunk as an aperitif. However, I bought it as an aperitif at Christmas and intended to serve it with a prawn and melon starter. However, because everyone loved it we carried on drinking it through the main course. It remained beautiful.  Although we had other wine on the table we continued to drink Lugana Zenato with the pork and turkey. There was enough backbone in the wine to stand up to these white meats and the vegetables.

25.02.17- Since first publishing this post the price has increased by £1 to £10.99. I still think it is worth the money.

April 23rd 2019- Lugana Zenato Villa Flora costs £11.99

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